Review the 2011 Oklahoma Football Season

Oklahoma State football is currently sitting on one of its most successful seasons ever in 2011. In the entire history of the OSU’s footfall franchise, this was the first time they have ever experienced a 12 win season, and many experts thought that they should have been given a chance to compete for the National Championship. While this wasn’t meant to be, they did receive their first BCS bowl game in their history, playing against Stanford and unfortunately losing. They ended up winning the Fiesta Bowl that they played later on, and although they may not have been quite up to par with the teams that ended up in the championship game, they truly held their own and had a great season.

OU football began their 2011 season with two home games against Louisiana-Lafayette and Arizona. Neither of these teams have much to bring to the table, and sure enough, they ended up winning the games 61-34 and 37-14. After this they traveled to Tulsa where they played against the Golden Hurricane. Again, this team wasn’t much to worry about, and they easily won with a 59-33 victory.

They started their Big 12 season when they played against Texas A&M. They played this game in College Station, which always seems to be a tough place for away teams to play, even though the Aggie’s weren’t particularly strong. Oklahoma State was able to pull out, barely, with a 30-29 win. They were back home for their next game, playing against Kansas, who is having a particularly bad year. Oklahoma ended up winning 70-28.

Later in the season they played Baylor, and you would think on paper that this is where they would truly stumble. Baylor had a spectacular start to their season this year, and ultimately their starting quarterback, Robert Griffin III, would win the Heisman Trophy. OSU did a great job against them, and ended up beating them soundly with a 59-24 win. After this they played Kansas State. This was more competition for them, and the game was much tighter, but they still ended up winning 52-45. This was followed by another easy road game against Texas Tech, which gave them a 66-6 win.

Actually, their only loss during the regular season was against Iowa State. It was not expected to be close, but the game was very tight the entire time. They went into overtime. Oklahoma State had a chance for a field goal that would have won the game for them, but it went high and right, and was ruled no good. Iowa State ended up driving down the field and won 37-31.

Many of their fans suspected that Oklahoma State lost because they were too concentrated on the next game, against their rivals Oklahoma. This matchup is a big deal every year for both schools, and maybe their training was too focused on this, to the extent that their short term game was compromised. For some reason, Oklahoma was not able to put up much of a fight, and Oklahoma State won easily, 44-10.

OU football was a bit of a struggle in the BCS bowl game, but even though, the season was great. This year was a fantastic time to be a part of Oklahoma State football.