How to Find a Job Right Out of College

Every spring, thousands of college graduates hit the job search trail while toting their dreams. Many of them become quickly discouraged as they discover how difficult finding a job can be.

One of the biggest challenges that college graduates face is not having any real world experience. With many employers wanting experience, this presents quite a roadblock for many graduates. There are some things that you can do to overcome this and we will talk about it in a little bit.

Overall, you have to develop two essential qualities in order to be successful. First, always have a good attitude. When you become discouraged or even frustrated, this begins to show in your job interviews.

Second, you need to have persistence. Those that persevere find jobs faster. They talk to more people, they get their skills in front of more hiring managers, and they get more offers.

If you are a fresh graduate in need of a job, here are 4 tips for you.

1. Build a better resume – Your resume is your personal brochure. You need to be able to showcase your best skills and in the right way if you are going to get your foot in the door for a job interview. Place your best accomplishments at the top of the resume. For most graduates, this is their education.

Also, keep your resume to only one page. Some employers automatically toss resumes that are longer than a page that is given to them from a fresh graduate.

2. Network with everyone – the truth is that you have no idea where your next job offer is going to come from. Every single person you meet in the course of a normal day is a potential link to your next job.

Start by reaching out to former classmates who graduated before you. They are more than likely in jobs that you want. Not only that but their company has proven that they are willing to hire fresh grads with little or no experience.

3. Fully utilize social media – There are a lot of hidden jobs being advertised on social media. Linkedin is a great source for jobs. Linkedin groups have a jobs section where recent jobs are added daily.

Hiring managers and recruiters are using Twitter to get the word out about new job openings. Facebook is becoming a popular place to talk about jobs. You need to be on these sites and monitoring the chatter that is taking place.

4. Be negotiable on your salary – Finally, you might need to be negotiable in your salary. You may have too high of expectations going in. Everyone had to get their start somewhere. I agree that you do not need to be selling yourself short and taking a job that you could have gotten without a degree. At the same time, you need to be flexible when you find a job that has the type of experience that you were hoping to get.

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