Safe Driving Tips for Young Drivers

One of the greatest fears of parents is their children getting into a road accident. This fear increases tenfold when they begin driving their own vehicles. There is no real protection against road accidents, except presence of mind and right driving skills. As a parent, you can help your child develop both.

Be Alert at All Times

Negligence and carelessness of the driver are two of the biggest factors that cause accidents. Instead of concentrating on driving, the driver divides her attention between different things. She is on the phone talking with someone; she’s sending text messages; she’s eating a quick lunch; she’s drinking coffee; or maybe she’s even doing her makeup. Lady drivers especially are more notorious when it comes to driving and multitasking.

You don’t want your teen to develop the habit of multitasking while operating vehicle, so instill in her the importance of concentrating on her driving. Tell her that multitasking while driving is one of the reasons why people get into car accidents in the first place.

Reiterate to her, too, the importance of being alert at all times. Tell her that dividing her attention between different things can make her less alert and attentive while on the road. If something happens, she would not be able to respond immediately.

Say No to Peer Pressure

Teens are very susceptible to peer pressure. There’s the need to show off their new vehicle, and there’s also the need to show off their driving skills. This is especially true in young male drivers who have big egos and lots to prove.

As a parent, you should advise them to never give in to peer pressure. Just because a friend can drive fast doesn’t mean that your teen has to follow suit to prove that he can drive just as fast as well. Remind him that while he can impress his peers, his big, fat ego won’t do him any good if police officers caught him driving too fast.

You should also remind your son not to drive with too many passengers in the vehicle. This can be very distracting. The conversations could easily distract him and take his attention away from the road. Not a good thing if he’s only learning to drive.

Know the Right Skills

It’s also a good idea to enroll your child in defensive driving courses. He’ll learn important lessons here that he won’t be able to get from you, such as how to handle emergency situations like car accidents, what to do if the vehicle broke down while driving, etc.

Car accidents can never be predicted; the only defense your teen has against it is right driving skills and presence of mind. If he happened to cause a car accident or if the police caught him violating traffic rules, he can be sent to jail. Not only will this mean possible jail time, but it will also mean additional expenses on your part to get him out of jail before his trial. After all, it’s very hard for parents to let their children spend time in jail, so you have to do all that you can to get him out.

Jennifer Dallas writes forĀ Bail Bonds Direct Costa Mesa. Through this article, she hopes to help parents teach their young drivers regarding right driving skills and the importance of presence of mind.