Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Automatic Watch Winders

Do you own an automatic watch? Then you may need to have an automatic watch winder. A functional piece such as a nice automatic watch, needs more than to just look good. You need to keep the time ticking first and foremost. And if you do not wear the watch on a regular basis, or decide to keep it off for some time, then you need an automatic watch winder to keep the time going.

An automatic watch is not like a regular watch; it does not run on batteries. It is a self winding device that has a mechanism inside to keep it ticking without ever needing a battery. When you move, the mechanism inside it moves too, keeping the time going. This is a great characteristic of an automatic watch. But if you have several watches that you rotate around, or wear the watch on an occasional basis, then you need to make sure to manually wind the watch. In the end, this might not be convenient.

Well, there is a solution for that situation. This is where an automatic watch winder comes in handy. It simulates the movements of your arm to keep the internal time mechanism going so that your time will remain accurate. The watch winder has a timer feature that you can set. You do not have to worry about the watch being over wound, as this cannot happen, but the timer feature is very helpful. This will keep you watch going if you do not wear it daily.

Depending on what you need or prefer, watch winders come in several types. This is based on the number of watches a watch winder can hold. The single automatic watch winder can hold one watch, the dual automatic watch winder can hold two, and the quad automatic watch winder can hold four watches.

Prices of watch winders vary depending on features and appearance. Some are like a display case, and others are like a decorative wood case that conceals the watches inside. What you need to really consider when getting a watch winder is the movement capabilities and a timer feature.

As I said before, you do not need to keep the watch constantly moving. This can actually wear it out prematurely. A timer comes in handy so that you do not have to manually turn the winder on and off daily. A good automatic watch will work well with the natural movements of our arm, therefore a good watch winder will mimic these movements, to an extent of course. Cheap winders will spin in only one direction, and this wears out the watch. You want them to spin in a clockwise and counterclockwise direction, so as to preserve the longevity of the watch’s internal mechanism.

If you have a passion for automatic watches and happen to own several of them, then it is a good idea to invest in a watch winder. Then, you would not have to worry about having to manually wind every single one so that they keep the right time. Remember to chose a good winder that will preserve the longevity of your watch. Take a look at http://tictoctimes.com for a variety of watch winders to chose from.