Introducing the Philips Airfyer and the Amazing Things You Can do With It

Of all the rooms in our homes, the kitchen is undoubtedly becoming the most technologically advanced, with loads of high-tech gadgets that aim to improve our lives and make everyday tasks easier. People seem to have become obsessed with cooking over recent years, with a new ‘celebrity’ chef popping up every other week to tell us how and what to eat. It’s no wonder then, that kitchen appliances and gadgets have become big business with manufacturers always trying to outdo each other with different functions and features – but Philips have really stolen a lead on their rivals, with their new Airfryer.

The Airfryer is  a low fat fryer that will cook all sorts of foods that are usually though of as being bad for us, but it does so in a way that leaves them healthy and safe to eat. By being able to produce foods with the same taste and texture as though they had been deep fried, but without using any additional fat or oil, diets could soon be a thing of the past as we can enjoy eating all sorts of foods that were previously on the no-no list.

Take chips (or French-fries), for example, everyone know that they need to be deep fried to taste good – but that leaves them soaked through with saturated fats that can lead to weight gain, high cholesterol and, in the most sever of cases, heat disease. The Airfryer cooks them in a different way – instead of soaking them in oil, superheated air is circulated around the inside of the fryer as the chips cook, which has the effect of drying out the surface of the potato so that it develops the perfect crispy and crunchy coating.

Low fat foods aren’t the only benefit of using an Airfryer though, as they can be used to cook all sorts of meats, fish, vegetables, jacket potatoes, and even cakes. The best thing is that because of the superheated air circulation, food cooks a lot quicker in the Airfryer than it would do in a regular fryer or oven, and at a lower overall temperature too helping you save energy along the way. Lots of consideration has been put into the design of the Airfryer, meaning that it not only looks great but that it’s easy to keep clean as well.

The Airfyer has been on sale all around the world for the last six months, and has sold fast wherever it’s been put on sale making it one of Philips most popular home appliances. The prices can vary considerably from store to store as they come in and out of stock, so the smartest move to find the best priced Airfryer would be to search online using a price comparison website. These sites check the stock and prices in all the major stores, making sure that you never pay more than you have to.

With most online retailers offering a next day delivery service, shopping online has never been more convenient. If you’re interested in buying a Philips Airfyer for your home, then within a couple of days you could be sitting down to eat a plate of your favourite foods safe in the knowledge that you’re eating a nutritious healthy meal.